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Coloring Cave

Children love hiding places where they find a little bit of refuge. If the hiding place is one big piece of coloring canvas - even better. With this activity your child gets a cool creative hideout, and you get the security that no walls are in any danger of being painted on.



At a young age, your child is likely to doodle rather than draw. Nevertheless, experimental painting and drawing fosters the imagination of your child and allows him to develop his own visual language. Furthermore, the use of crayons, pens and brushes promotes fine motor skills, which is a good preparation for learning to write later on. 



Place the box somewhere on the ground with the opening to one side. Optionally you can also remove one side so your child can crawl inside the box. 


Explain to your child that it's okay to color everything on and inside the box, but not on the floor or walls. 


Lean back and watch your child get creative.


After the box is fully painted on, it doubles as a hiding place for your child. Young kids love anything that provides them with a space to retreat. And maybe your child's teddybear, doll or a sibling wants to join him in there. 

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