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Kids Yoga

A range of children's yoga instructions for a fun and calming afternoon break.

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Yoga exercises help adults and children alike to find a healthy escape of everyday life. It is also an ideal movement and strengthening training for your child and ensures a correct and healthy posture and improves endurance, concentration and strength in a playful way. Just a few exercises can help your child relax more easily, fall asleep more easily and relieve stress more effectively. 



Position yourselves on the yoga mat in front of a mirror. By having the ability to look at yourself during the yoga session it is possible to check whether the poses are performed correctly or might need slight adjustments. It also gives your child a sense of self awareness. 


Now you can have a look at the first pose together and instruct your child on how it has to be carried out. Feel free to join in or demonstrate the different poses for your child by example or with a puppet or stuffed animal.


If your child has siblings or friends over, they can make up or listen to a story together and strike the appropriate pose whenever the character appears in the story. This is fun and encourages coordination, creativity and teamwork.

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