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Paint Like Picasso

Foster your child's creativity without making a mess! Put some paint colors on a white piece of paper, seal it inside a bag and let your child go wild. The result will be a colorful piece of art that is definitely unique and frame-worthy.



It is not until the end of the first year of life that the fine motor skills of the hands are advanced enough for a child to experiment with crayons and colored pencils. But even before that, you can engage in creative activities with your little one in a slightly different way. 

This activity not only fosters dexterity, but also engages different senses as your child comes into contact with bright colors, exciting textures and new smells. 



Take a piece of paper and cut it to fit inside the resealable plastic bag. 


Distribute various blobs of paint in different colors on the paper. Enough so that the whole paper can be smeared with them. 


Carefully place the paper in the plastic bag and close it securely. (If the writing and patterns on the resealable plastic bag are bothering you, you can easily remove them with nail polish remover).



Now the fun begins! Your baby can squeeze, push and smear the colors as long as it's fun. Whether the colors are smudged entirely or there are still white patches visible doesn't matter. 



Take the paper out of the resealable plastic bag (it is best to cut the bag open at the sides and then peel off the image) and leave it on a piece of newspaper until it is completely dry. 


Tada, the artwork is ready. If you want, you can make cards out of it or frame it as a picture. You can give it another touch up by placing a paper cutout on top of the art work (e.g. a fir tree, star or heart) so that only the cut-out shape is colored. 



This artwork also works great as a Christmas gift! And don't forget to write the date and your child's name underneath the artwork.

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